• I'm recovering from pityriasis rosea (absolutely awful rash). As it started to subside, my skin looked like a sunburned alligator. The dermatologist said to keep my skin moisturized to try to prevent scarring and dark spots. The mango shea body butter has definitely done the trick!

    -Chelle, Georgia

  • "It’s everything you would want great customer service, affordable, fantastic product and quick shipping. It’s feels great to read a label on a product and can identify everything in it. I would definitely recommend to my friends. You don’t have to be a female to have great feeling skin and take care of yourself. I would highly suggest buying two if you have a wife so she doesn’t use all of yours."

  • Let me say I love the body scrub! It gets the skin instantly soft and you don’t need a lot the products all smell great! The body butter is exactly WTF IT SAYS BODY BUTTER!!! That thang left my skin so soft I almost had to serenade myself with that Tweet song oops! definitely a great investment.

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